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I love kapros so much,I was traveling in swamps when thos alligator thing ran towards a dodo on land and snatched it and I was impressed but moved on but when I slipped off my rex who was passive,a kapro snatched me and ran to land in circles,I laughed do to how long it took to take like idk 13728/3947348 of my health,anyway,I turned around and punched it in the face,makeing it unconscious and I didnt want to tame it and I was going to kill it but then I remembered, "Its a Kapros nature" so I mounted my rex and walked home.

I was riding my argy home holding my pet direwolf when my direwolf starts moving like crazy and I look behind me to see a swamp and I'm like "...wow...".Lifting off I grab my direwolf from the kapro and flew to herbivore island only to see a kapro relaxing in my home,I let it live if it doesnt hurt my dinos,and I sacrifice a 3 dodos a day,lunch,dinner,breakfast dodos.LOL

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