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Killed me twice in two days.

Day 1,

Firstly, my pike broke when fighting titanoboas but I killed them with my sarco which is my best creature.

Secondly, this lovely bastard eats me while I tame a baryonex after turning my sarco on passive so it wouldn't one shot the Barry.

Thirdly, forget to replace bed because I had to destroy it for my fabricator so I spawn in the middle of nowhere.

Fourthly, ragequit and delete world.

Day 2,

Firstly, make new world go to tame another Barry on my best Dino (another sarco) yet again my pike broke and this bastard ate me.

Secondly, almost ragequit but I have another sarco at my base and the saddles aren't too hard to make.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Note to self. TAKE TWO PIKES!

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