I thought this chapter was gonna end up being delayed but I’m only a day behind so that’s good.

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I thought this chapter was gonna end up being delayed but I’m only a day behind so that’s good.

Ferra’s Dream

Chapter 14

Dr. R stared at the beautiful ferox on the other side of the glass. The ferox species has a peculiar connection with the element, allowing them to control and channel the mutation and power given to them. She hoped the ferox’s connection would increase the chances of the project being a success. Although this factor made Dr. R hopeful, she wasn’t even sure if the success of this project was even accomplishable. Dr. R, not moving her gaze away from the ferox, waved her hand to one of the other scientists behind her, at this point, they were basically just her assistants. “Bring me the headset” she ordered. One of them, she didn’t see who, dropped the rather large headset in her waiting hand. “Careful!” She warned, not wanting them to damage the fragile prototype. “The communication chip was attached to the specimen’s ear three days ago while it slept. Another specimen arrived yesterday, although the chip is not ready for experimentation.” Informed one of the scientists. Dr. R squinted her eyes at the chip hanging from the ferox’s ear on the other side of the glass, much like an earring. Here in this primitive world, earrings were a luxury no one had, everything seemed to be a risk to have in this world. The ferox sniffed at the stone walls surrounding it, perhaps looking for a way out. Dr. R gently put on the headset, tilting the mic towards her mouth. “Ready” she stated as a click sounded in her ear. A static noise could now be heard vibrating from the headset, signaling it was on. “Hello?” She uttered into the mic. The ferox’s ears and head suddenly perked up. It looked left, then right. “Wh- th-'' she heard a voice say from the headset, cutting in and out. She gasped. It works! It really works! She slowly removed the headset. The scientists behind her held their breaths, the sound of silence gripping the room. She held the headset in her hands, letting them sit and wait, she held the suspense before quickly turning to face them. “Did it work?” Asked a girl with curly brown hair. Dr. R dropped the headset in the girl's hands. “The connection needs to be strengthened. Too much static, you can barely hear anything. We also need to work on a smaller model. Some kind of earpiece preferably. Go ahead and make more chips, I have a feeling we’ll be needing them. When we have more readied specimens, we need to run a test. I want this project to be able to allow you to communicate with multiple species” she ordered. Everyone stood there for a moment, shocked and confused. “We’ll don’t just stand there! What are you waiting for?! The ferox to come and eat you?! Get to work!” She yelled. The scientists quickly turned and headed down the hall toward the lab. She followed behind them to the lab, once there, they split up into the six sections that made up the lab. Instead of following them, she left the lab through the other door on the far right. She walked down the hall until she reached the sleeping hall, the place where everyone slept. She walked through the door, then walked past bunk bed after bunk bed. She walked until she started to pass nicer beds, no longer bunk beds, signaling she had reached the upper class area. She walked toward a set of stairs in the middle of the room, she walked up the stairs and came to a passcode locked door. Quickly, she entered the password and opened the door. She was now in a large room with one wall being completely glass, overlooking the specimen containment area. Here, there was a twin size bed, a desk, and a few other things, but there wasn’t much, the room was rather empty. She collapsed onto the bed. she flopped over to where she faced the ceiling.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing from Dr. R’s pov, I think at least half of the next chap will be her pov too.



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