Wolf Tales Part 4

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Wolf Tales Part 4

The Journey Part 2

Now out of the redwoods Cloud traveled several miles each day, until he arrived at the volcano. “Woah” he spoke to himself. He heard a screech above him as a agry was shot out of the sky. He ran to were the bird had fell to. The bird had a large rock stuck on its wing. Cloud ran over to it and nudged the rock off of the birds wing. “Thanks how could I ever repay you” the bird spoke. “First who are you and what was that, that hit you” Cloud then glanced at the rock. “Im Talon I think the volcano erupted or there was a small rockslide.” “Do you think that you could help me get to the snow?” Cloud then stared at the volcano. “Sure! Thats where I was going” “Really?” Cloud wagged his tail a bit.

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