Wolf Tales Part 12

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Wolf Tales Part 12

The ending

“Cloud we need to prepare for the humans.” Seth said worried. “We will hide the pups at the hidden lake”. “Cloud we have a few human made things that you may need” Stone spoke softly. “Is there enough for both of us” Cloud looked at Seth. “I believe so” Stone brought over amor plates and helped put them on us. Cloud walked over to Talon and Basil “Think you guys could carry the pups to the lake.” They both nodded and picked up a few of the pups.


Footsteps were heard nearby. “Get ready Seth!” We howled.

Humans surrounded the two of us. “Easy we don't want to hurt them” Said one of the humans. We both growled at the humans around us. “People put your weapons down.” Said the same human. We slightly became at ease. “Were searching for a artifact that was in a nearby cave and we have looked everywhere for it” Seth turned to show them where it was. “Thank you wolves” The humans left. “Good think you showed them where Sue is” Cloud chuckled. Several screams were heard from the side of the mountain. We howled to alert the rest of the pack that it was safe. Talon and Basil arrived with the pack safely.

~~~ Many years later

The pack still lives in peace atop the mountain.

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