Wolf Tales Part 9

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Wolf Tales Part 9

“Seth are you ok I bit you pretty hard.” “Ill be fine” He said as he walked to the healer. “So since your alpha now Cloud what will you do” said Stone slyly. “I don't know..” “Phoenix is that you” said a familiar voice. Cloud turned around to see a brown wolf. “Im not Phoenix i'm Cloud” he said. She shook her head. “Your name is Phoenix i'm your mother..” Cloud shook his head. “I woke up in the redwoods and traveled here I call my Cloud.” He looked at her still not knowing who she was. She sighed.. “Your here kidnapped as a pup and taken in by humans they must have dumped you in the forest. I cant believe Im seeing you again after all these years”. He then remembered what happened and then broke out in tears. “My brother..” She then nodded at glanced at Seth. “He survived and he is here” She turned to Seth. Cloud then walked to Seth and apologized. “Its fine Cloud its enough to see my brother back.”

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