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Wolf Tales Part 2

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Wolf Tales Part 2

Scarlet had no idea what was wrong with Cloud. Cloud stepped into the lake and began to cool off. “Are you ok Cloud” asked Scarlet. “Yes I have no idea what happened its to hot here for me I think”. Cloud swam to the island in the center of the lake. “I think I will rest here for a bit”. Scarlet nodded.


When Cloud awoke it was dark. Scarlet was staring at the sky. “Oh your awake good” Cloud stood up. He looked around he saw a white glow in the distance. “Whats that out there Scarlet” Scarlet turned around to see the white glow. “It looks like snow” she said. “I think I belong in the snow” he said. Scarlet nodded. “Take some fish meat before you begin your journey” Cloud took some fish meat from her.

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