Wolf Tales Part 7

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Wolf Tales Part 7

Cloud was introduced to the rest of the pack. The alpha was talking to a few other wolves about a cave at the base of the mountain. “Whats in the cave came over and asked them?” “Yetis, other wolves more dangerous wolves and purlovia.” said Seth the alpha. “Are you guys planing on going in there and killing them?” He looked over the edge of the mountain. “Im afraid so they are becoming a threat to nearby packs.” said Stone one of the wolves sitting with Seth. “Ill help” Cloud said. The other wolves who were listening to them gasped. Seth chuckled “Your just a pup your not strong enough to take on the dangers in the cave.” Cloud softly growled. Stone looked at Cloud in shock. “If your not a pup then prove it Cloud” Seth taunted him. Seth and Cloud then howled saying there was a fight about to happen.

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