These are my Favourite dinos now, and they made wolves my…

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These are my Favourite dinos now, and they made wolves my second favourite animal, between arctic foxes and sneks. Anyway, ever noticed that feeling where you play a game you like, then you get something you fell like you can never let go? I’ve gotten like that on multiple occasions with these adorable pups. The first time it was a pup named Tundra, R.I.P, I got a little over confident, and lost her to an alpha Rex. The second time it was an eerie dire wolf I’d named Opal. She was lvl235. Now I dunno what happened to her, but my main base I’d moved to herbivore island and I left her on the main island, then one day, I went into my inventory, and her collar (the one that boosts health) was in my inventory. I’ve looked everywhere for her, and I can’t find her. Now, I’m in that situation again, but I’m being careful this time. It’s an eerie pup named Aqua, and I gave him Opal’s collar, his sister, Blaze, got a stam collar I took off one of my griffins. Anyone else got my problem?

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