So I was playing mobile ark on a official pvp server,when…

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So I was playing mobile ark on a official pvp server,when I first joined,I had nothing I was just a regular noob, I am level 89 now,i was just gathering some stuff wood and thatch to build a house and tame some Dinos,after I sawed this level 2 Dimorphodon he was so sweet,😒I tamed him fed him some narcos and some meat and I called him artaris,he was blue and a orange colour,When I was grinding :( he was always by my neck,when we fought Dino’s and dillos, he beat them up good!😭 we were in the server about 2 years,no stop,he was level 132 by now!and I was level 48 so yeh there was a level 1 giga by our house, I decided to go after the giga and tame it,I used a crossbow and a bunch of tranqs and wen with artaris after the giga! but soon.....The giga sawed us it was trying to attack me,but when ARTARIS swooped down and bited the giga on the neck took about 78 damage,and I thought artaris could handle it so I shoot the giga while artaris was attacking afterartarisdied;(imadeagraveupforart!

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