R.I.P PUMBA you will be missed :(

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R.I.P PUMBA you will be missed :(

long story I decided to go and hunt for some phiomas after 2minuites there was phioma abt level 10 it was green and it looked cute so I decided to send him a request if we can be best friends. So I tamed this dude and he was helping me out everytime.if I was attacked by a random Dino he always tries his best and kills it.if I grind he’s always beside me.after the horrible day I decided to go grind with pumba.but then there was this pack of carnos and he tried to defend me. I helped him but he didint make it,I watched how he was brutalized. So I decided to go and take revenge on the carnos I used a shotgun and kill these beasts and then,I made a grave for pumba.rest easy great friend

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