Let me tell you a sad true story.

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Let me tell you a sad true story.

I stumbled across one of these things. A Carno appeared to have killed its friends so it was alone. She ran over to me and the look in its eyes told me I had to get revenge so I somehow did. Well using the prime meat I got from slaying the Carno, I tamed it. Her name was Feather and from then on we were inseparable. I always had her in my base when I was crafting, and when I went on excursions, she was on my shoulder. When I tamed a Raptor, Feather was there. My first Trike? She was there.

Then...it happened. I was on a journey, was encumbered so I couldn't run, and a Carno ambushed me and Feather. I fell quickly, but miraculously Feather had not died. I raced back there with my Trikes and Raptors as backup. I saw Feather caught in a rock, biting at the ankles of her foe. I got my stuff then raced to save her and that's when I saw it. 'Your Feather was killed by a level 12 Carnotaurus'. I took the time to mourn, build a grave, and a small monument at my base in honor of one of the best shoulder pets I ever had.

RIP Feather 2022-2022. You shall be missed.

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