“A song of compys and gigas” Chap25

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“A song of compys and gigas” Chap25

Bane and a small squadron of men have been riding through the jungles of the south near the southern mountain. Their goal is launch a fake attack from the south of the mountain and then call in the main force to attack from the east and north. The goal is to force INVs forces to retreat west towards the foot paw where reinforcements are waiting. “Hide here.” Bane says as he dismounts his iguanadon. The squadron of about ten men waits in the bushes for the sign to fire on a group on INV patrollers. “A little closer... NOW!” The squadron fires at the enemy. Shocked INVs troops fire randomly into the brush. BANG! BANG! Several men on both sides fall. INVs troops run towards the mountain fort. This is what bane was waiting for. He takes an intercom device from his pocket. “Attack.” He says quietly into the intercom....

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