Under the waves: chapter 7

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Under the waves: chapter 7

Pearl stared at the bodies for a long time. There were several large fish that she couldnโ€™t identify, a group of plesiosaurs, about five megalodons, and a suspiciously large lump in the very back that pearl suspected was a mosasaur. Trench swam to her side before letting out a gasp of horror. He immediately lunged past her and frantically began digging in the pile before pulling out a plesiosaur corpse. It was tiny, just a baby that would never grow to adult hood. As pearl swam to his side, he let out a choked sound. โ€œDid you know them?โ€ She asked him. โ€œIt.. itโ€™s clam. My sister.โ€ Trench whispered. Then I realized trench must not be much older than me, if he had siblings that young. Pearl gazed at the limp body, shuddering. Then her sorrow turned to fury. How could anybody do this to innocent creatures? A HATCHLING? Hunting is normal but thisโ€ฆ this is massacre. She snarled under her breath. Then came a sound. Her head perked up, listening. It sounded likeโ€ฆ Breathing. She peered into the cava again, and saw that the large lump in the back, the probably-a-mosasaur had shifted. She swam over to it imminently. It was a mosa, covered in scratches and a long slash across its throat. It stared at her, before mumbling โ€œplease. Justโ€ฆ end this. It.. it hurts.โ€ She rested one of her fins on itโ€™s head. โ€œOkay. This.. thisโ€™ll be over in a moment.โ€ She whispered to it. The mosasaur closed its eyes, and she nipped behind itโ€™s head, killing it instantly and without any pain. The mosasaur was beyond saving anyway, even if she knew all the herbs and theyโ€™re medical uses like her mother did. Kinda hard to revive someone when theyโ€™re belly has been torn open and the organs are showing. โ€œWe should get out of here.โ€ Pearl said, turning back to trench. He nodded silently and the exited the cave before pearl stopped. Maybe she just imagined it, but it looked like the bloody pebbles beach hadโ€ฆ moved. Trench paused, watching her curiously. Yup. The shore is definitely moving. A large head slowly rose out of the pebbles, and it stared at her. It had two pairs of eyes, and an alien but familiar look to it. Then she knew how she remembered it. A mechalodon. She had never seen one before, only heard of them in legends and stories, but this creature definitely is one. The mechalodon slowly blinks, then, in a voice, raspy from unuse, says โ€œWho?โ€ Pearl glances at trench. โ€œIโ€™m pearl, and this is trench.โ€ The mechalodon gives a small smile, showing yellow teeth cracked with age. โ€œYou who Iโ€™ve been looking for.โ€ It rasps. Pearl tilts her head. โ€œFind the others. Then, look for the cave with the lock and open it. Or all you know will be destroyed.โ€ It instructs. Then, the mechalodon burrows back into the pebble shore and disappears.

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