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“A song of compys and gigas” (chap24)

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“A song of compys and gigas” (chap24)

On the plains where the first battle of the war took place. Bob and the other major generals excluded general King and genreal bane stand at the grave of 5 star genreal/ Admiral Jack. His body was never discovered after his raft sunk benith the waves. However his gun that he carried during the battle was salvaged and put into the grave as a substitute. The war has now raged for almost a month and it has reached a bitter stalemate. Barely any movement on the north and a major INV victory near the green ob has caused both sides to intrench themselves until further notice. However out of all the fronts, the southern one is still active. Very active indeed and for all the solemness of Jacks funeral, bobs mind is elsewhere. He is waiting to receive word from bane. A victory in the south could change the course of the war. Or at least stop INV from invading for a good while. Meanwhile INV thinks the same as well. Who takes the south wins...

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