“A song of compys and gigas”(Chap23)

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“A song of compys and gigas”(Chap23)

In one swift move. INVs naval fleet was effectively distroyed. However a good amount of troops have managed to reach the south coast of the island close to the south cave. In command of the allied forces in the south is a man by the name of Bane. Babe is a rather interesting person. He has a long and dark path on there sever. This past forbid him and his army called the legion from officialy joining the confederacy. Instead bane and his legion have made an alliance against INV. He is currently very much nervous. His small garrison of forces now has to deal with a quite large force in the south. His hope is to drive INVs forces into a trap on the foot paw if a call for reanforcements is answered. The problem is however. How do you force an enemy to run and then follow? Until Bane figures that out. The south nervously waits for its first shots of the war.

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