The fight against Rockwell (Part1 Chapter 7)

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The fight against Rockwell (Part1 Chapter 7)

After I made a bulbdog toy for bulby, I decided β€œIt’s time to stop Rockwell once and for all”. I went and tamed some reapers and some other good dinos. I grabbed bulby and a featherlight. I hopped on Knife: The general of the ravenger army. I went to a Rockwell fight terminal. I had everything I needed to go and fight Rockwell. I selected Alpha and went to battle. I saw what I needed to do: I needed to destroy his tentacles. I got off of Knife and he went to town on Rockwell. Then I saw that Rockwell was sending out Reapers and Namelesses. (Like the second part of chapter 7 πŸ™‚)

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