The howl of a ravenger 🐺 (Chapt4)

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The howl of a ravenger 🐺 (Chapt4)

A lot has been happening lately. Bulbdog caving featherlight light shows and crab legs for dinner. But then I heard the loudest and most scariest sound in the whole caves of aberration. The howl of a pack of ravengers. I was scared to death. My bulbdogs quickly ran to there cave and shut the gate. The featherlights went to there nests in the tree near by. I went inside and went to one of my sniper holes. The ravenger pack looks around and growled. I then opened fire on the pack. They wimpered and cried for help and I shot them and killed the pack. I then put a gate around my base so no ravenger could come in. (Like for more)

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