What have we done... (Chapt5)

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What have we done... (Chapt5)

After the defeat of the ravenger pack I went to check on the bulbdogs in there cave. Some were sleeping some were play fighting pretending they were ravengers and some were cuddling with there toys. Bulby the commander of the army, was finishing his crab legs. I was on my surveillance cameras checking the base. Then I saw a burrow outside the base. I sent out my camera rocket and saw a reaper come out of the burrow and grab the camera and then destroyed it before I saw the inside of the burrow. I whistled for my ravengers to go outside and attack. Only 1 died: Jeffery the Sargent of the ravenger army. I was deep in tears and so was the other ravengers. They lost the Sargent. I made a grave in the base by Jeffery’s docking station. (Like for more chapters)

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