The fight against Rockwell (Chapt7 Part 2)

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The fight against Rockwell (Chapt7 Part 2)

I shot the rail gun and Rockwell was not happy. He sent a reaper king at me. It was about to spit me and Knife blocked the spit. He lost a lot of health but he was good. I sent the Daodon out and he healed the army. Rockwell only had one tentacle left. I went to cut it but bulby tripped me and went for the tentacle. I said β€œBulby! Noooooo!”. He bit it and he was grabbed by a reaper. He bit the reapers tounge and ripped it off. And then he poked the eye. Rockwell’s Army was destroyed, but bulby was bleeding. I called the daodon to heal him. Bulby almost died. Rockwell was destroyed but then I realized β€œthat wasn’t the end”. I saw earth turn to a destroyed planet with no way for life to live. But I saw grass and I thought β€œthis is gonna be a new adventure”. Like for Extinction series πŸ‘

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