All the things we have been through (Chapt6)

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All the things we have been through (Chapt6)

After Jeffery’s funeral, I went inside and went to my computer. I then saw bulby in the cave dancing. I never seen bulby dance. But then I heard a reaper outside of the base. I saw bulby was doing the nervous dance. Then I thought β€œthat’s why he is dancing”. I shot the Tek railgun it did nothing. I was in deep confusion cause it should have died. Then I shot again and then it died. I saw that the burrow had a connection to different burrows. I clogged the burrow and then I saw a wild ravenger. It dug a big burrow. I shot it and it clogged the burrow and then ran but then bled to death. I went to check the cave and bulby was playing with his toy. It was a ravenger. I took it and made it into a bulbdog. Bulby was not pleased but then got happy. (Like for more chapters)

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