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So my brother and I were, I think level 15 at the time when a story began... it was our first world on the PS4 and we had decided to leave our base with a few dinos and go adventuring on a raft we had created. Well we foolishly had began out journey upon nightfall and were driving in the pitch black darkness when a drop had just dropped on an island which was right next to us! He had told me to wait at the boat while he went to get it, but I had not wanted to leave my younger brother alone so I followed him upon the island. Just as I open the crate I hear him yell, β€œRUN”! I look back and see a devilish beast chasing after us, (a carno), we ran until morning and had finally managed to escape it and ended up upon another island. With no boat, nor food we sat there. I had then tamed a Dilo while we were trying to find our way back home. We had then come across a beautiful big bronto and pull out our slingshots and shoot it and tame it! That bronto is named gray and now has a son.

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