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I grab an egg

Mr. Bronto isn't so happy

I grab my leg

Mr. Bronto wants to make it snappy..

He throws me afar

Through an open door ajar

I stumble a bit

But least he made it quick,

But wait, there's more

For Mr. Bronto runs across the moor

He stomps on my house

My poor dodo and blouse

And slaps me far awayyyyyy!

For he did a deed

A deed that'll leave me to banter

Run while he bounces after

My poor dodo-

But least he isn't getting meee..

Oh wait! That's him

Coming from across the moorrr..

Atleast it's a lovely face-

Oh no, oh no there's more!

He whips his tail

In a wide circle

Only to throw my frail

Body across the moorrrrrr!

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