Few things that I have noticed while raising bloodstalkers:

They are a very easy raise, 2 days is a very short time and they rarely eat if you do it right. They will eat raw meat like most while raising, but man it’s like feeding a rex. They chug through the meat. Rather than doing constant meat runs, grab yourself an owl (or make a bunch of beds if on genesis) and farm about 100-200 blood packs. They eat these much slower than raw meat, and it makes life a lot easier.

Don’t quote me on accuracy, and correct me if i’m wrong, but on official settings they eat about 25 blood packs an hour. Within the bloodstalkers inventory, bloodbags have a 1:45:00 spoil timer which is awesome. Basically, you can put a few hundred in these things inventories and leave them out overnight if you’re going for mutations and not imprints. Test for yourself and see on these numbers i crunched before you go to bed or work, best wishes!

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