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The trick I used for high level ones, and you won't find this anywhere cause I have searched for weeks myself...., is high level phiomia. They have the best effective tame % and it is hp based. So leave them cryo'd then level hp before sacrificing them to stalkers. Sacrifice them while using cactus broth. They'll never grab you. Once it's 100% efficiency, get naked & get grabbed with blood in your inventory. After that it's a simple ghillie/bug repellant. Don't use cactus broth during that part or they'll instantly disconnect. Figuring all of this out made taming easy as all get out. Nooblets video is dead wrong on certain aspects, so if you watched that, forget most of it. Basic kibble tame Phiomia. It's worth it. No other comment on here mentioned any of this. Time efficiency and effectiveness, this is the absolute best way to tame them.

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