The player equips their rock drake with a saddle and sets…

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The player equips their rock drake with a saddle and sets of on one dangerous mission: find and tame a basilisk. They search where other basilisks had struck fear into them and their tribe who had all died in the cave and that was brought was a single glowing lizard and its two twins but only one was needed. After a search presumed a fail the player notices something, a hole in the ground, approaching a basilisk reveals itself with a spit of acid the player notices and is quick to dart they weren’t fast enough though they continue running but their glowtail the last survivor of the old railway cave was dismounted to this day the glowtail: geckglow dismounting remains a mystery to the tribe member to this day yet it was too late geckglow was killed the player saw the snake biting the air but knew only one basilisk was there so it must live the player , no I threw a spare rock drake egg down and the snake chased me but with one egg I was safe and I had a basilisk i may have sacrificed geckglow but that was a sacrifice I was I was willing to take for basilisks are sometimes strong and I enjoy sneaking on any opponents so a basilisk could help me

This story is based off of my gameplay the tribe members where my failed attempts at the green zone cave because I didn’t prepare a Cryopod the basilisk is a level 9 pink that I thought would look cool

May my tributes go to geckglow for being a helpful sacrifice of which I still mourn to this day

Slytherin the basilisk who I based this story around

Gliders fury the rock drake who led me to portal

And finally savior who wasn’t mentioned but was the only reason I ended up leaving the cave with an artifact and clearing confusion I brought a megalo egg to the cave because I couldn’t care my inventory was full of random stuff

Oh wait I was also in this as the player and my other rock drake who is unnamed and just got me the eggs sorry for a long and possibly boring story but I wanted to remember why I have a snake just round my base nowadays

#RIP geckglow you were a worthy sacrifice

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