Basil The Basilisk Part 4

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Basil The Basilisk Part 4

Basil: Better get some sleep!

Basil: Ahh!

The next day…

Basil: I should go see Raven

Basil went to go see Raven


Raven: Hi Basil!

Raven: Where’s Felyte?

Basil: Umm…

Raven: Did she want to stay home?

Basil: No…

Raven: Why do you sound so nervous?

Basil: Uh! Just tired!

Raven: And Felyte?

Basil: …

Raven noticed that Basil was not as hungry this morning.

Raven: Did you EAT HER??

There was no answer.

Raven: You probably ate her!

Raven: You did eat her!

Basil: Umm, yeah?

Raven: Who is gonna keep us safe from Nameless??

Basil: I did not think this through!

Raven: You just ate her when you could have stayed for dinner. We had a lot of Ovis to share!

Basil: Sorry

Raven really wanted to bite Basil but she restrained as Basil could just as easily eat her as well.

?: Grr…

Raven ran! Leaving Basil by himself.

Basil: Wait!

Basil knew he could never outrun a ravager.

Basil ran as fast as he could (which was not that fast) when he felt himself being grabbed by something’s mouth.

Part 5 coming soon

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