Tyrannosaur Tales S1 E1

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Tyrannosaur Tales S1 E1

I am Cloud I writing Tyrannosaur Tales also I have each episode on the next Dino alphabetically (next episode on allo) also, Dodo Tales which inspired me to write Tyrannosaur Tales! Ages 10+ please not younger than that!

She woke up on a mysterious island with this weird crystal thing on her hand.

“Where am I?” She asked herself.

She saw the bushes rustle.

“Who’s there?”

Something came out of the bushes. It jumped out.

“Oh. Just a chubby bird”

She continued her journey when she found a salmon.

“Ooooo. I like salmon.” She told herself

She grabbed a sharp stick and stabbed the salmon. She carefully took out the meat. She also noticed that a lot of it was really good meat. But a second later something bit her.

“Ouch!” She yelped.

She saw a little dinosaur that looked like a raptor. Only tiny.

Must be a compy. She thought.

She grabbed the stick (which was now dull) at started smacking the compy. The compy collapsed very quickly but she soon started feeling sorry. She grabbed her best fish meat and shoved it in it’s mouth. It woke up a few minutes later.

“That was quick” she said.

Her compy jumped on her shoulder and they set out.

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