Basil The Basilisk (Part 2)

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Basil The Basilisk (Part 2)

I noticed that reaper kings don’t spawn naturally sooooooo, I had to change the story a bit. 😅 my first time playing aberration DLC.

Glaveglider: Soooo glad I found you.

Raven: If it’s about the Reaper then shut it.

Glaveglider: Ok.

Glaveglider went back to the rock drake trench thingy.

Raven: Shhhhh…

Felyte: Ok.

Felyte turned her charge down

Raven: No! Keep that back up!!!

Basil heard growling sounds…

Basil: LOOK OUT!

Nameless: Grrrwl!!

Raven jump as high as she could but the Nameless unintentionally bit Fang.

Fang: Oww!!!

Fang couldn’t see where he was going and dropped into rock drake trench and a bunch of rock drakes feathers went up in alarm as they sensed a nameless nearby.


But they didn’t believe him and soon was never seen again. They found the actual nameless and destroyed him. When they found out Fang was a ravager the felt a little bad.

Part 3 Coming Soon!!

By Cloud

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