Basil The Basilisk Part 3

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Basil The Basilisk Part 3

Sorry I have not been making Basil The Basilisk I was thinking about what part 3 should be about

Raven: โ€ฆ

Basil: Iโ€™m gonna go find a snack.

Felyte: Eek!


What was that?

Raven: I gotta go.

Glaveglider: Hi!

Raven: Grrrr!


Glaveglider: Huh?

Raven slashed at Glaveglider

Glaveglider: I wanted to tell you that the Reaper King we saw was just a shadow.

Raven: That is good

Basil: A bulbdog!

Lightdrape: Eeek!!

Basil: Yum!

Felyte flew away in fear. She was best friends with Basil but she didnโ€™t like to be around him when he was hungry. She had a bad experience where Basil almost ate her. Basil eyed Felyte.

* * * * * *

Ovis: Baaa!

Raven: Good. I call this meeting over!

Basil and Felyte went back to Fertile Lake.

Basil: I am still hungry. That bulbdog was just a snack.

Basil snapped at Felyte.

Felyte: Nooโ€”

Basil: Better.

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