Basil The Basilisk (Part 1)

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Basil The Basilisk (Part 1)

?: Basil.

?: Basil!

?: Basil!!!

?: BASIL!!!!

?: *nips Basil’s tail*

Basil: Ow! What was that for, Felyte!?

Felyte: Raven wants to see you.

Basil: Raven!?

Felyte: YES!!

Basil shot up instantly.

Felyte: Wait for me!

Felyte was a juvenile featherlight. She often rode on Basil.

Basil: Sorry for keeping you waiting, Raven

Raven: It’s fine.

Now, Raven was a ravager. She was not quite full grown however, she had a mutation that let her glide and she had venom. Which is why the pack chose her as the alpha.

Raven: I wanted to meet you because our scouts spotted something bad.

Basil: What is it??

Raven: *nods at Fang*

Fang: We’ve spotted a Reaper King.

Almost the second after, a flurry of feathers went by…

Raven sniffed around.

Raven: Glaveglider!

Glaveglider: Awww. You found me.

Glaveglider was a young rock drake.

Part 2 Coming soon!!

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