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A song of compys and gigas (chap 13)

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A song of compys and gigas (chap 13)

A massive wall of humanity and beast begins the march south from the snow to the plains. It is INVs northern army group. Sent in to distroy the army of the confederacy witch has been setting itself up for the attack on the Volcano. Soon enough both armyโ€™s face each other from across the river. It all turns quiet really quick. Nobody moves, on ether side. The atmosphere is tense and bob knows that soon enough the battle will begin. All thatโ€™s left is for someone to shoot. BANG! A shot rings out. Nobody knows witch side shot but now it begins. INVs forces charge across the river. Many of the confederate defenders are shot from on top of there tames. Bob yells to retreat to defenses further into the plains. The screams of the dying and booming of artillery fire fill the air. Now protected by a bunker, Bob looks at the carnage. The horrors of war fill his eyes. Bob even throws up as he watches in horror an INV raptor rip open a confederate soldier...

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