Okay... "Strength in Numbers" Part 2 by Maloi the Baryonyx.

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Okay... "Strength in Numbers" Part 2 by Maloi the Baryonyx.

I would consult my mate if we should go into a pack of Compsognathus. She said that her eggs would be hard to move, but we should give it a try. Yes, I will finally be safe. The next day, we catch word of a local pack, lucky us. I try to find their camp, so I can schedule when we come. It took hours to find it, but I found it atleast. We talked it other and agreed we would come over tomorrow afternoon. I try to consult them on leaving quickly to a safer place. It didn't take. The next day my mate and I travel to their camp with the eggs. We decide this was the best we could do right now. Cut a few months til something important happens. It's been some time, but the eggs finally hatched! Two male, one female. The leader now believes that if we leave, we leave now. That's good, right? He promised a land with no predators, and only small dinosaurs we could eat. A place of freedom, free from carnivores like the Dilophosaurus. Done

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