Ark: Survival Enhanced

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Ark: Survival Enhanced

A journey 40 people made to travel across all maps. Now this series isn't a fan fiction, this was a story made by an admin. The basics of how this world works. PvP is turned on, everything is on the hardest difficulty, you cannot ascend to a different map before anyone else, no taking items from servers by anyone else, you cannot leave your tribe unless the admin allows it (bullying problems, others wanting you gone, not committing to your tribe.).

Now to the big rules.

Once every tribe has beaten the alpha final boss, the admin will start everyone on a new map. Which can be Story or Custom. You will be allowed 1 item, 3 animals to travel to the new map with you.


If you smuggle anything extra to the new map to use, you will be exiled from your tribe. If you were exiled, you'd only be allowed 3 lives that can be taken away by players. (If you die to a wild animal, it will not count. ONLY PLAYER KILLS TAKE AWAY LIVES) If you lose all 3, you can either chose to appeal to the admin or leave the server forever. If your appeal worked out okay, you will be allowed to join the server again (but you have to make a new character.) And join your tribe again, but if you're caught again smuggling, NO APPEAL. If a player kills a person that smuggled something, they will be awarded greatly. That would push people to hunt down outlaws.

The admin said he would prefer if no one would put their bases in op, but really wierd places. Also he said do not just randomly attack people for no reason.

Sorry I couldn't fit in the Story, but it's coming soon to Rex!

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