This story takes place when I was still new to Ark.

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This story takes place when I was still new to Ark... My mentor who taught me how to survive and tame dinos was there, a Spinosaurus was dangerously close to our base on the beach. We were still early game so this would be bad. It eventually reached our base... We used our crossbows with arrows to try and kill it, my mentor ran out of arrows. They went headfirst into combat. He sadly died. My favorite Dilophosaurus whom was an excellent hunter leaped on its opponent, and was killed in combat. It was up to me, I had 8 arrows left... I ran up a rock and started firing, they all hit, my last arrow sent the Spinosaurus dead. We harvested the meat from it then. Only one dinosaur casualty. The prime meat we got didn't last long. So I tamed my compsognathus, Compromised. All ended well.

Maloi the Baryonyx.

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