"Strength in Numbers" Part 1 by Maloi the Baryonyx.

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"Strength in Numbers" Part 1 by Maloi the Baryonyx.

Mal, a Compsognathus, lives with his mate, Juniper. Recently, it had hit winter. That would mean he would most likely die in these few months. Either from starvation or hypothermia. It was cold, but with the warmth of his mate. Well, it was still cold, but it didn't feel like that. Juniper had laid her eggs at a bad time. When they hatched, they would starve. The eggs might not even hatch. Mal liked to push away these bad thoughts. The cold and prey scarcity wasn't what scared him, it was that Dilophosaurus were setting up camp near this area. Every Compsognathus knows carnivores like Dilophosaurus would eat a Compsognathus at first chance. We had been in a pack before, but the Dilophosaurus attacked, and half the population died. The others scattered, hungry, scared, and on the verge of death. I think to myself 'What if we found other Compsognathus and move to a more safe environment?' Chapter 1 is done. Maloi the Baryonyx.

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