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A song of compys and gigas(chap9)

Bob is anxious. In a few minutes he is meeting Charlotte at the green on for their first β€œdate”. He heart pounds so much he thinks it will burst from his chest. Then his alarm rings. It’s time. Bob hops on his pt named speedy and flys to the green ob. Charlotte is there waiting. β€œHello!” Bob says. β€œYou need a gun? I got a few extras if you need them.” β€œNo im good” reply’s Charlotte as she picks up her longneck rifle. And so for several hours the two hunted dodos until the sun went down. Bob thinks that finally he has a love for someone. Deep into the night by their campfire, with a dodo roasting on the fire. Bob asks Charlotte. β€œ well um how do I explain this... I kinda. Well have a crush on you. And I wanted to know if you have the same feelings for me.” Charlotte looks into the fire for a second then turns to bob. β€œWell. I think so too” Charlotte says. But for all the love in the air. Another thought comes to mind. The war starts tomorrow....

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