The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 32: The Dex

Part 2/2

“Thank you so much for sticking with me the entire ride. I’ll publish my book soon, and you’ll be on the thank you page. I don’t think I’ll use this platform very often now that my story is finally finished… But I know yours hasn’t. I know we'll meet again some day.”

The message was signed off by someone named ‘Moon’. And there was another message replying to her.

“No, I should be thanking YOU, Moon. Your story was phenomenal and I really loved talking to you about the recent chapter or what I thought about the characters and everything. It has been such a journey, a journey three years in the making. So thank you, for the memories you’ve brought me. Thank you for giving us your story, The Obelisk.”

This message was signed off by someone named ‘Biggest Fan’.

“Well this isn’t very relevant,” Warren whispered to himself. He looked at the top right hand corner of the message and saw that the messages had been posted on May 17, 2023, which was four years ago.

“I wonder if there’s any recent messages,” Warren wondered as he scrolled to the bottom of the page. Warren immediately noticed there was an option to go to the previous page. He clicked it and immediately a few more messages popped up on the screen. These ones had been sent a week or two ago.

“Hey, does anybody here know how to tame the Carcharodontosaurus? Me and my nephews have been trying everything with it! Knocking it out with tranquilisers, walking up to passively feed it (although that ended in my death), and even throwing grenades at it. It seems like a messaging site to me, even if it’s inactive… someone please help! - Pilot.”

“Hey Pilot. Don’t worry you’re not alone. I’ve always been here, waiting for someone to message. Even if this isn’t about a story, taming the Carcharodontosaurus is an easy process. All you must do is earn its respect. This beast has a fondness for bloodlust and rage. Murder is its middle name. Slay creatures and earn its respect. Then it will cooperate with you. - Moon.”

“Thanks, Moon. Me and my nephews are going to tame this bad boy soon, the school year is almost over for one of them and one’s even graduating… so I at least want to tame it before he’s off to college. - Pilot.”

“It’s not a problem, Pilot. If you have any further questions, I’ll be here, waiting. - Moon.”

“Looks like that name popped up again. But they’re talking about it as if it’s some sort of game… What even is the point of this website?” Warren asked himself. Warren didn’t know, but if there was one thing he DID know, it was that Dodo Tales was directly tied with this enigmatic website. And there were people still here.

And one of those people had also written a story.

“Surely this mysterious ‘Moon’ knows about whatever this Dodo Tales book is. I should send a message asking where I can find it. I will find out who my author is soon enough,” Warren thought. He began digging around the website, trying to figure out where he could post a message, when he found it. He would need to download the app. He pulled out his phone and typed it in the app store, searching the name up and seeing the app at the top of the page. Downloading it only took a few seconds, so as he opened the app he began to type up a message.

“Hello. Recently I’ve been on an investigation involving the disappearances of all seniors at Terran High School, in the Star City area of the United Republic of Democracies. As a deputy sheriff this usually isn’t my business to dig around in, but my son was involved in this disappearance and I fear his safety. I myself personally investigated the scene and found a book in the principal’s office titled “Dodo Tales”. It was noticeably less dustier than the others. In hopes of getting a lead I searched this book up, and hours upon searching I stumbled upon this website. It doesn’t seem very active, but… if anyone can please point me in the right direction of where this “Dodo Tales” story could be found I would be so happy. Please respond soon, my son’s safety is on the line as we speak.”

He wasn’t too sure if he should consider putting a signoff name, but it seemed the formality here. So he decided to just sign off his name. Deputy Warren. He clicked the “Send Message” button, and the screen flashed green. He turned his phone off, placed it on his desk, and stumbled off back to his bedroom, his eyes droopy and his energy low. Time to sleep.

He collapsed onto the bed, readjusting himself until he lay on his back. He turned to the right, where a silver pendant with half a heart attached at the end hung on a stand.

For a moment, everything seemed still. He felt someone comfortingly grab his shoulder, reassuring him that everything will be alright. That they would stick it through till’ death do them part.

“But, that’s probably just my imagination,” Warren thought. He felt a single tear shed from his eye, and he closed his eyes, letting a blissful rest consume his mind.

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