The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Prologue: Intervention - by Ben

Once, there was a tale of scholars on an island.

Once, there was a tale of a cruel, remote city on an island.

Once, there was a tale of heroes on an island.

Once, there was a tale… of an Ultimus.

Throughout space and time, and amongst the Dex’s greatest creations, a lone, single timeline stood. An Omega Timeline, one that existed beyond the boundaries of all. A rift, that could only be accessed by pure chance.

With that, a Story Intersection occurred.


In, “The Arks: Over Heaven”, Chapter 40:

“Ahhh, fresh sun!” Neddy gasped as he basked and spun around on the sand. Ruby laughed at the sight.

“You know this is pretty nice weather. Sometimes I forget the fact we’re on a-”

“Dinosaur infested island!”

The two laughed and began to prance around like little kids.

“Funny,” Samuel thought, his glance moving down toward the ground. Looking at the two reminded him a lot about his best friend, Nova. Samuel still wondered where she was…

Samuel could feel someone nudge his arm. He turned to see Aurora.

“Samuel, don’t you think we’ve not eaten anything yet? How about we go hunt some fish for us?” Aurora suggested.

“Yeah. I suppose that would be sufficient,” Sameul replied. Samuel took a step forward, when suddenly a wind began to overflow them, carrying their hair above their heads. Samuel began to look around, and he could see Neddy and Ruby in a state of distress. Star was flapping her wings, floating in the air, and a chill ran down Samuel’s spine.

“Brace yourself,” Samuel warned them, “Something’s happening.”

The air began to distort with glitch effects, and a chilling bellow began to ring in their ears. A blue swirling culmination manifested out of the shadows, pulling the graduates in. Neddy was pulled in first, letting out a scream of terror as he did, and everyone soon followed. Samuel was the last to be dragged in, and as he took one last look at the island, it crackled away from his sight, and now the five were falling.

“AHHH I’M SO DEAD I’M SO DEAD!” Neddy cried as he flailed his arms and legs. He had one hand pinning his glasses to his face.

“Okay, we get it we get it,” Ruby snorted as her glasses fell off her face. Aurora was crossing her arms and let out a huff.

“I feel like we’ve done this before…”

In an instant, the falling stopped, and everyone fell down on rock hard floor.


Samuel let out a groan, as he lifted his face up from the ground. He was on a blacktop, and the Sun was pouring in from the sky. Clouds were hanging above, and birds sung in the air.

“What just happened?” Samuel could hear Aurora say from afar. Samuel got on a knee, and took a moment to analyze his surroundings. There was a large fence not too far away that had graffiti on it, and a stage that seemed like it was half-put together.

No doubt about it, it was Terran High.

“No way we’re back here,” Neddy gagged as he got up from the ground, “Anywhere but here!”

Star seemed quite dissatisfied. She ruffled her feathers, and rolled her eyes. She walked over to Samuel, standing by his side without hesitation.

“Let’s not worry about it too much, okay? If we’re back home… then shouldn’t we, uh, go to the police?” Ruby suggested, “We might as well take the advantage.”

With that, the five exited the school, but what they were met with shocked them to the core.

Yes, it surely was the Star City that they once lived in, but mixed in with it were old-fashioned buildings that seemed to have come straight from the past. The streets that once carried cars were gone, and people wearing attire of the old times and new roamed the streets alongside each other as if it were normal. What was even crazier was that even animals were as well. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures walked amongst the humans, communicating with one another and gesturing with their limbs and speaking.

“Well this is weird,” Aurora stated the obvious. As they passed a bar, they could see a monkey sipping a jar of beer and he seemed to be talking to a large wyvern that was cooped up in the corner. A Terror Bird cawed in approval. Star gagged at the sight.

“Talking animals? I don’t think this is the Star City we once knew,” Neddy murmured. Samuel pointed at something in the sky, and everyone looked. It was a giant mansion, a waterfall pouring down from the side into a sparkling lake. There was a staircase that seemingly connected from the ground to the home.

“Let’s check that place out. Something’s attracting me toward that place,” Samuel declared. Aurora nodded, rubbing her implant with her right hand.

“Agree. I have a feeling that place has the answers about why we’re here. Let’s go, I'll lead the way."

With that, the five quickly ran toward the floating home.

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