The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

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The Arks: Over Heaven (by Ben)

Chapter 13b: Another Magnificent Character

Part 2/2

“Oh, crap!” Samuel said, scurrying away. Aurora aimed her spear at the raptor’s skull, and Samuel looked back at Ben who stood as still as a rock, watching everything unfold.

The raptor’s eyes darted around for a moment, then got up onto its feet again. It eyed Samuel for a second, and then just blinked, and kept standing there like some machine.

“What the-”

“Look at that. It’s tamed now,” Ben said with a smirk. He smiled, “Heh heh. Try saying ‘Follow me’!”

Samuel said, “Follow me.”

Samuel began to walk away, and the raptor slowly walked behind him, its arms down and its eyes dull. Samuel turned around, his eyes widened, and impressed.

“So you are correct,” Aurora said in awe.

“I am. Believe me now?” Ben asked with a grin, “I’m not trying to be smug. I genuinely want to be friends with you both.”

Samuel smiled, a realization crossing his mind.

“If this island really IS based on a story, then that means the Book Club has information about it. Maybe there really is a way to escape this island,” Samuel thought.

“Okay then. We’ll join your book club,” Samuel declared.

“What?!” Aurora said, “But what if they’re dangerous?”

Samuel looked back at Aurora with a cheeky grin.

“Let’s be real. What are a bunch of bookworms going to do?”

Aurora sighed.

“I guess you’re right. But we still have people to find. We had two allies that we got separated from an hour or two ago. We need to find them,” Aurora explained to Ben.

“Perfect! I’ll help you,” Ben decided, “But before we even start, we need to go to that beam of light.”

“Oh really? We were planning on doing that before we got ambushed by the raptors,” Samuel said.

“Good idea. Those beams of lights lead to beacons which give loot,” Ben told Samuel. He pointed to the tools on his belt. “That’s how we even got these to begin with. Well, sometimes the beacons give knowledge too, but those are rare.”

“Knowledge too?” Samuel thought. He looked down at his sleeve, which was covering his left wrist, “Would I even have the ability to get knowledge without the implant?”

Aurora nudged Samuel, who looked back up.

“Come on. Let’s go, or that guy’s going to leave without us,” Aurora said. Samuel nodded.

“Okay. Coming.”

Aurora walked off with Samuel, and while the raptor followed behind, Star let out a scoff. Star grumpily trotted behind, ruffling her feathers and giving Aurora the stink eye- Woosh.

Samuel looked behind and saw some red plume of dust hovering in the distance, and as he squinted his eyes at it… he could’ve sworn he saw a raptor head. He blinked his eyes, and it disappeared.

“Must, must’ve been my imagination,” Samuel thought as he walked along. But even as he did, something kept gnawing at him, telling him to watch out. To be careful.

And that feeling was fear.

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