The Unexpected

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The Unexpected

The Daeodons were loyal to Fenrir. Velon Daeodon was a fat man who sold animals to soldiers. Parrot Daeodon was a skinny woman who reported rebels to Fenrir’s army. Their newborn son, Deathworm Daeodon, loved to kick and scream. However, Parrot’s sister, Lampery Pachy and her brother in law, Jug Pachy, were what they didn’t want to talk about. They were rebels. They had a son named Hyena Pachy. General Voidwyrm was marching to the Pachy’s house. He was riding a velonsaur. The soldiers were riding direwolves. Voidwyrm got off his velonsaur. He pulled out his pistol. He kicked the door down. The soldiers backed him up. “SURRENDER TO FENRIR OR DIE!” They shouted. Jug stabbed a soldier with a raptor claw. Voidwyrm pointed the pistol at Jug’s face and shot without hesitation. Jug’s cries were heard throughout the town. Blood covered the floor as he fell. Lampery was holding Hyena. Voidwyrm shot her in the face. Hyena came from her arms. “Awww,” one of the soldiers said. Voidwyrm shot him. Voidwyrm suddenly felt pain. Hyena had stabbed him in the foot with a scorpion tail. He fell to the ground. And it all went black.

Raptor Hyenadon swooped in with his wyvern. His wyvern devoured the soldiers. He got off and picked up Hyena.. He picked up Lampery and Jug’s bodys, put them on a sack on his wyvern. He got on his wyvern. “Burn it,” he said. The Pachy’s house was engulfed in flames. Rebels had to hide their tracks. Even if it meant killing innocent people. Some bystanders were turned to ashes.

Allo Direwolf and Megalosaurus McGalliminus were waiting. “The Daeodons are the only family he’s got,” Direwolf argued. A figure came out of the shadows. “Drake I. C. Wyvern,” McGallimimus said. “I’m not here to hurt anyone,” I. C. growled. Hyenadon and his wyvern landed. “Just as I suspected,” Hyenadon growled. “A tracking device.” “We must cover our tracks,” Direwolf said. As I f on a silent signal Hyenadon’s wyvern ripped apart I. C. A rock drake leapt out of the darkness. A heartbeat later it was engulfed in flames.

After they dropped off Hyena, they had the wyvern eat Lampery and Jug’s bodies. That was nessacray in order for them to be reincarnated. In Fenrir’s fortress he vowed to destroy the ressintance. -Fenrir

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