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Chapter 2

Horn’s POV

Claw was unconscious. Compy jumped down from the ledge she was on. She put her foot on him. Claw latched onto Compy’s leg like a leech. I crouched down and whispered into Claw’s ear. “You are a dodo.” “I am a dodo.” “ You are walking around and you see Compy.” “COMPY! I am walking around and I see COMPY!” “She has a gun.” “She has a gun. Wait? WHAT?!” “She is looking for meat.” “She is looking for meat. I’m getting mixed feelings about this. Shoot, I’M GOING IN! OH NO SHE SHOT ME!” I fell down laughing. “Load Claw onto Terror. Meet at the place.” Compy said. I grabbed Claw’s legs and pulled. “You’ll never take me away from Compy evil talking Rex.” I pulled him off from Compy. I loaded him onto my Allo, Terror. Claw was half evil. Compy met a guy who said he could get rid of his evilness. We got at the place I dragged Claw into the place and locked him in a chair. I was waiting for Compy and the guy to come in so I got my sleeping bag and slept…

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