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“Where the river runs red” (chap 3)

Republican headquarters in on a relatively quiet part of the western front. Bob is sitting down on a bench drinking some magoberry juice when somebody calls him “private. The general is asking for you.” Bob gets up and walks to the maze of hallways to the generals office. “Come in!” He says. Bob enters. “I called you for a very important reason. General hawks has decided to launch an attack against the loyalist army in an area not known for much fighting. What he does not know however is that the loyalists are building an imposing defense. We ask you to give the order to call of the attack. If not. 3000 men and dinos will die.” Bob looks at the general. “We will transport you to the swamp. From their you head northeast. In the redwoods a partisan group will give you supplies. Then your head north again. And deliver the message.” “Ok sir.” Bob replies. “ good good. Best of luck. Oh and also. You have a week” the general adds. “Your take is outside.”

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