Rathalos S1 Ep2

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Rathalos S1 Ep2

(Ep1 on snail dossier)

Riker didn’t remember falling asleep, but her eyes fell on a bloody scene. The She-Wolf appeared to have taken her somewhere, and was fighting an entire wolf pack! She and the alpha were really going at it, until the alpha lunged at the She-Wolfs neck... and then it fell dead, an arrow protruding from its forehead. Riker stared, stunned at her work. The pack howled at her, they hated her for killing they’re alpha, but wolf law stated: thee who slayeth alpha, is new alpha. They couldn’t disobey wolf law. Riker could tell they’re loyalties had switched, she was they’re alpha now. And since they weren’t killing her... she had to oblodge. (Srry I spelled that wrong) hearing a sabers roar, she lead the pack to her home, a canyon in north. They stayed there, a friendship forming there over the years, but Riker and the She-Wolf soon became inseparable...

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