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From Ben

Sunny i LOVED Chapter 10! It was a lot of fun seeing all the characters truly interact with one another. Samuel and Star were SPOT ON like 1:1 replica it was actually kinda freaky

I really liked the detail of Star eating fish too and Samuel calling his group "allies" (Star eats meat too because SPOILERS and Samuel doesnt consider the others besides Star his friends) great work and a fun read. Cant wait to work on more of this! (i still think Truth or Dare would be lit)

PrimalApex i forgot to respond to your message about Chapter 58 but yes the dragon Moonflight is heavily inspired by King Ghidorah, but more specifically the OC Moonhidora (basically a lunar version of Ghidorah). Moon's name honestly reminds me of a friend i used to have who went by Moon. Sometimes i wonder if, maybe, we couldve been friends again? Maybe in another timeline, maybe.. Oh well, its best if things are left that way.

Anyway Ill see you around?

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