Guys we need to pack it up Anon said theyre gonna snap if…

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Guys we need to pack it up Anon said theyre gonna snap if they see another message in the most irrelevant story section on the entire app. (sarcasm)

Lawfully, it isnt technically right to post messages in the "story" section. But, who cares. It's been like this for 4 years since 2020. If it was against the rules to speak in a section that is just for "stories", all our messages would be purged. Im sure the man Dan himself has seen some of those messages considering people try to report them for being in "wrong section". Obviously it wouldnt be right to message in the actual tips (KO, strategy) section, real tips need to be there. But this is the story section. Who cares if theres messages, its not gonna hurt someones gameplay. If you wanna read stories here about the actual game, cool, i guess, theres nothing you can really do about it.

But if we ever do have to stop messaging here, i do have a.. backup plan. And its not Discord. And its not a video game either.

- Benjamin

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