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From Ben

The first chapter of Hopes Call was reallt cool MrGhostGamer, i cant wait to see Melissa brings to the table with Hopes Call!

PrimalApex i didnt realize Cyrus' medallion was a warning for him that hed transform, rather than the actual source of his werewolfism. Well I reread chapter 27 and it makes a lot more sense. Also Josh Swans words certainly made me remember Tortuga bombings, thanks a lot Jack..

The last 2 chapters were really cool. It was nice to see how Emma and Andrew escaped Tortuga, that was pretty cool, most Tortugans made it out safely, but not all of them.. pretty sad

Also damn the shadowy figure never fails to be badass

Anyway, im still conflicted on my theory on Aragorn or his shadow being the shadowy figure. The story has pointed it toward him but at the same time away

1. He is a shadowy figure

2. He knew about Tortuga, so he was a Tortugan

3. The Peacekeeper Zooey Young knows him so he must be infamous

4. Hes very good with the sword, Aragorn was a good dancer, and Josh Swan says sword fighting is like dancing

5. The poem / hint Sunny sent

but at the same time...

1. He doesnt act like Aragorn whatsoever

2. Aragorn is DEAD, so...

3. He doesnt seem to know about the Dark Phoenix kingdom. Aragorn was a royal so he has to have known about them at some point.

Very low chance it might be Aaron Buckleshoot. After all, he witnessed 1. the death of Aaron Jr by the Captain Shortstacks, 2. he knows the mayors are somewhat at fault 3. he knows Tortuga is a very cruel city. Also half of his family either died or went missing because of Tortuga. Also he never went after the PIRATES because he never knew they were there. Even though they were responsible for what happened. Plus, Aaron and his animals scared the living hell out of the peacekeepers, which may be how Zooey recognized him.

But at the same time ehhh that guy was old as my grandpa bro no way hes dodging attacks like that. But at the same time he kind of sneaks up on them in a surprise kill.

Plus, when he saw Paul's kid (Penny) he got a bad memory. Aaron had two children and four grandchildren, so its not too far fetched.

Shadowy Figure actually is quite the mystery this was fun. Thanks for the search Sunny!

Okay seeya later, whaddya think PrimalApex plz help us out on this mystery

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