The Terrible Demise of Tortuga Character List - Story by SunnyFox57

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga Character List - Story by SunnyFox57

Part 4/4


Andrew Rodrigaz: A 19-year old boy who ends up falling in love with Emma Peterson. The kind and the gentleman-type, their precious love is always interrupted by Michael’s undying wish to marry Emma. Andrew learned a few medical techniques from his father, who is a doctor. He ended up fleeing to Josh Swan’s bunker in the sewers with Emma.

Emilia Bolton: She does not like Tortuga and wants to leave as soon as she can. She is really bad at sneaking around, apparently. She explained what the death tolls were to Emma Peterson. She seems to be good friends with Emma. She fled to Josh Swan’s bunker in the sewers during the British Bombings.

Rachelle Cobraz: Daughter of the peacekeeper Helen. She is extremely obedient to the law and she wanted to learn as much as she could about Tortuga so she could become a Peacekeeper like her mother. After her mother’s death, she decided to sneak onto the disembarking pirates’ ship to enact her vengeance for the ones she believed responsible for her mother’s death.

Ms. Clara Hawkthorne: The new teacher of Tortuga after the old mayors passed away. She pronounces “Miss” as “Mizz”, and is extremely strict and traditional in her ways of teaching. She segregated the boys and girls, and also applied corporal punishment to those who disobeyed or disrespected her (such as Jack, Jay, and Emma). It is revealed, however, that she too was physically disciplined by her own teacher when she was just a child. She must really care about her mother because she was willing to come to school late just to help her. She thinks that hybrids should be destroyed. She also despises the mayors as she refers to them as “maggots”.

Mrs. Lois: The shopkeeper of a small shop in Tortuga. She is very old, and has been a Tortugan for many years. Extremely loyal to the mayors and the city’s laws. A very reserved, stern, no-nonsense lady. She sold the engagement rings to Andrew. Her current condition is unknown.

Captain Piranha: The old captain of the pirates, he and his crew decided to invade Tortuga in an attempt to find and kill Josh Swan for “betraying” them. Josh Swan likes to call him Captain Fishy. After getting in a duel with his old partner, he was defeated, but Josh spared him. Piranha killed him anyway, and he and his pirates fled Tortuga, unaware of their stowaway.

Captain Shortstacks: A British captain, he probably works under the British Navy. His real name is Francis Hugo, but his crew like to call him Captain Shortstacks behind his back because he is rather short. He and his men made their way to Tortuga to bomb it because they believed it to be a pirate haven.

Lieutenant Johnson: He works for Captain Shortstacks. He told him about the pirate ship that was headed to Tortuga.

The Mysterious and the Mentioned:

Tom: Aragorn’s brother. He was a part of the band that Aragorn created. For some mysterious reason, Tom is livid at Aragorn, and something may have happened to a woman close to Tom. After the British Bombings took place he came to investigate Tortuga, and after discovering an unconscious Josephina and Jaquin, he took the two in because Josephina looked like “her”.

Cole: Apparently, he was Aragorn’s best friend. He was a part of the band that Aragorn created.

Shadowy Figure: A vengeful spirit who will make everyone pay. They were last seen executing everyone inside the mayors' bunker.

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