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from Ben

oh yeah i should probably clarify what Mr .Mo/Ma's name is:

Ma: Horse

Mo: Do Not

In Chinese language certain words have multiple meanings, like Mo and Ma, and have different definitions based on the context.

But digging deeper, these two surnames do mean something else in different contexts. Ma can mean mother (Mr Ma literally based his surname off his mother's), and Mo can also mean "to die" or "there is none who". Both meanings of Mo can tell a different story. "To die" could foreshadow that he wasnt meant to survive on the island, "there is none who" signifies his ambition to escape the loop of the ark, and because he changed his identity to hide from his father.

Anyway heres a fun fact:

There will be a short Chapter 50.5 and then Chapters 51 and 52 will be centered around Warren and Sam. Hehe. Okay later.

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