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From Ben

totally agree w you Syl, that was a smart move. Also Chapter 8 was so cool, so Syl can respawn and Pat knows shes the one he likes! I wonder whats next!

Angel its alll about havin fun. If you have fun writin your stories youll never feel demotivated.

PrimalApex your theory makes a LOT of sense, actually. While it is based off the hope that implants and medallions are pretty much the same... i mean cmon theyre pretty dang similar. The only thing is i remember it stating medallions are made of element. And idk if implants are, but if not id assume Tom would put element in them. Tom is in control of the kingdom at the moment, and while element is presumably sparse after Extinction, itd make a tad bit of sense if Shadow Phoenix had a reserve. How else would they make medallions, magic?

Nyah hah hah, its almost here!

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